2016-01-17 02.25.29

Production Tracksoars Assembled and Tested

After over a year of development and testing the Tracksoar v1 is finally shipping. We have fulfilled our first 20 orders and so far have received positive feedback from everyone. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the boards and soldering and tested every unit successfully. With our first batch out the door we are working on streamlining our manufacturing process and ramping up production. We are currently expecting 4 week lead times on all orders until our volume of sales increases.

While we are fulfilling orders we are also hard at work putting together an in depth user manual to make flying and customizing the Tracksoar as easy as possible for all skill levels. Additionally the finishing touches are coming together on a datalogger shield to capture data in between APRS messages. With the datalogger shield readings can be stored up to once every 10 seconds during a flight.