Thanks to everyone below for helping us make the Tracksoar happen:

Outside Open

Thank you to Outside Open for letting me spend countless hours working on the Tracksoar instead of my real job.

Chris Mundell

A big thanks to Chris for editing all my ah’s, um’s, and so’s from our Kickstarter video, and making it awesome.


Thanks to Anthony (aka upu) of Ava High Altitude Balloon Project for supplying parts for our prototypes.

Greg Lawler

Thank you Greg Lawler for driving everyone around on more than one launch, shooting the Kickstarter a-roll and for taking lots of awesome photos. Also, all the yelling.

Kayla Pence

Thanks to the talented Kayla Pence for our product photos and b-roll footage for the Kickstarter video.

The Santa Barbara Hackerspace

A huge thank you to everyone at the Santa Barbara Hackerspace, without the space and the community I could never have put this together.

Nick Winters

Thanks Nick for finessing the Tracksoar’s firmware, as well as helping out on the test launches.

Katherine Wang

Thanks Katherine, for the awesome new website, the Tracksoar logo and for your general design and aesthetic leadership.


A big thanks to everyone behind the Trackuino project.